All ideas streamlined into a single flow of creativity. Smiltė.

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I got interested in video making thanks to the theatre and to my interest in new technologies applied to live performance. Theatre is, in my opinion, a unique place of observation, listening, and imagination and where I have found great teachers. What I find compelling is the creative process, the interaction between different professionals, the possibility of bringing to life imaginaries that combine and enrich the stage. My first theatre collaboration has been with TAM Teatromusica. Words and shapes were cut out and bodies on stage were enveloped by my video screening: to listen and to understand when and how to give voice to an event or an emotion of the dramaturgic fabric.

I discovered that I really enjoyed this kind of work and I kept on creating video scenographies for many plays. Which I still do nowadays.

In 2017-2018, I carried out academic research on these topics at the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage of Ca’ Foscari University and studied the use of technologies in experimental theater in the Veneto Region. Results are available.

I am part of the ADV Arti Digitali dal Vivo, Live Digital Arts, group and my work has been presented by Anna Maria Monteverdi in her book Scenografie. Storia della scenografia femminile dal Novecento ad oggi (Scenografie. History of female scenography from the 20th century until today.)