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Community and welfare

I’ve always thought that having a camera in my hands was a good reason to get closer to people and places and have access to less known contexts. This is how I got interested in organizations and social processes where I bring video making as a device able to make distances shrink and to develop human interactions. Within the process of narrating the social responsibility characterizing many organizations’ works and the results that can be obtained even in the hardest of times, the camera becomes the pivotal element.

Along the creative process, the identities of the individuals living in rough situations like conviction and having access for the first time to artistic creation undergo a process of redefinition. This allows them to renovate and broaden their self-consideration, bringing new thoughts to life, focusing their attention on unusual details, reconsidering the relations with others, and learning to recognize unexpected feelings.

Just as for me, to see known things with a novel gaze is a source of inspiration, wonder and learning.

In the last few years, the urge to participate in communities has become more and more urgent, perhaps in response to the long isolation period we have been experiencing. To be present, carrying different knowledge, different tools, being of different ages, is a necessity of sorting priorities out in novel ways.

Thanks to Zalab national participatory movie school, I was able to deepen my knowledge in this field.

Progetto di cinema comunitario realizzato all’interno del festival La giusta distanza Segusino (TV) 2021

Animazione realizzata con i disegni dei bambini della scuola elementare di Padova. Mostra Internazionale di Illustrazione Il corpo, Museo Diocesani, Padova. Febbraio-Giugno 2018

Filmato realizzato con i detenuti della Casa Circondariale di Padova. Laboratorio con Tam Teatromusica Io era tra color che son sospesi 2014/2015

Filmato realizzato con i detenuti della casa di reclusione Due Palazzi di Padova. Laboratorio con l’associazione Art Rock Cafè 2005