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My relationship with the cinematographic experience has been both a natural step towards a technical development of my work and a way of challenging myself in new ways.

What I carry along with me from my background is a certain irreverence towards genres, a boundless fluidity.

Più de la vita (More than life)

In 2015  I started a project that I hold very dear to my heart: a feature film on the work of the Padua-based artist Michele Sambin to challenge myself in the role of director of cinematographic production. The project was long and thrilling and thanks to the producers Lucio Scarpa of <a href=”https://kublaifilm.it/”>Kublai Film</a> Venezia and Francesco Bonsembiante of <a href=”https://www.jolefilm.com/”>Jolefilm</a> Padua we presented it at Asolo Film Festival in 2019. Since then, we have had many rewarding moments: we were selected with other documentaries running for the top five at the <a href=”https://www.daviddidonatello.it/concorso/documentari-in-concorso.php”>David di Donatello</a> awards in 2019.


Arte Non Stop Festival – International Film and Arts Festival (Argentina)

  • Best Female Director

International Film Festival of Figueira da Foz – Film Art (Portugal)

  • Best Movie in Documentary section
  • Best Editing in a Documentary

On Art Film Festival (Poland)

  • Best Feature Film

Selected for

  • Sole Luna Sguardi Doc Treviso (Italy)
  • Lago Film Fest (Italy)
  • Asolo Art Film Festival (Italy)
  • International Moving Film Festival (Iran)
  • Festival de Cinema de Alter do Chão (Brazil)

Falene (Moths)

Falene (Moths) is a project created during the 2020 lockdown by the Teatro Stabile del Veneto Youth Company and produced by Teatro Stabile itself. The project stems from the need of responding to the necessity of exploring forms of expression at the intersection between video making, live arts, and online platforms. The project is conceived as a web series (10 episodes published online all at once without clear-cut order as it is the single viewer to make sense of the plot).
This is the medium-length film version, where the editing offers its point of view.
Different theatre professionals (dramaturgs, actors, stage objects) and movie industry workers (cinematographer and director) bring Falene (Moths) to life by transforming the stage in a movie set.
Here as well, I work as a director.

Le regole dell'adolescenza (The Rules of Adolescence)

Le regole dell’adolescenza (The rules of adolescence) is a show produced by the Teatro Stabile del Veneto, directed by Lorenzo Marangoni, script by Michele Ruol – and rearranged with the actors during rehearsals, and performed by the Youth Company.
Created over the lockdown, Le regole could not make it all the way to the stage. The necessity of making a movie version of it stems from the desire to find an expressive form able to reach an audience. As an audiovisual director, I worked at rewriting the script and adapting it to the cinematographic language while preserving the theatrical work.